Sleeping Beauty

Well...for some time now I've been thinking about this blog. I've been thinking about how I want to start writing and sharing my kitchenlife - even though not many may be interested in my kitchenlife I mostly just want to do it for little ol'me. The site looks different than it did before because I wanted to pimp it up a little bit, it's much more fun with some color! I went through my archive as well...what the hell was I thinking with some of that stuff? Sweet jesus.. the recipes that are still on the site are actually recipes that I've remade many times since I paused this blogg and I thought that because of that, they are worthy of staying where they are. However, I did notice that the recipes are incomplete and faulty on some some point I will remake all of them and write them down correctly and hopefully have a better picture to go with. What was I thinking with those pictures..? I know I am no photographer but still...that's just horrendous! Thankfully, my new Samsung phone has a special camera feature to take food pictures (oh the times we live in...) and HOPEFULLY I will be able to share better stuff here.
I don't plan on doing exacly what I did before I took a break. The times I will share recipes will be from other cooks and I will link those recipes or write them down, but I will put in my notes as to what I changed about the recipe because I never really follow a recipe to a 100% unless I'm baking maybe. What I want most is just to share my thoughts about my and others kitchenlife, I want to learn more and become a better cook/baker and maybe blogging about it will make it more fun. Sharing the joy.
Now I plan on baking some sourdough bread with a starter that I made myself. This is my first time ever trying anything like this so it will be very interesting... I'm also dying to make some salt licorice macarons and some pralines with a licorice caramel filling. Don't think I will make everything in one day (I wish though..) but I'm going to write about it here once I've made them, and maybe, post some pictures if they don't turn out horribly.

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