Birthday party

This weekend we had a birthday party for our 2 year old. It's scary how fast the time flies...she's already two, how did this happen?? Anyway, when we are having people over I like to go a little overboard when it comes to cooking and baking, but since this pregnancy is a tough one (yes I'm 6 months pregnant and it has been a very difficult pregnancy unfortunatly) I just don't have the energy for the same "splurge". All I did was bake a cake and make my moms Icelandic hot aspargus dish, that one is always a hit and easy to make! I didn't have a chance to take any pictures of the food, would feel weird to take pictures while our guests were watching and waiting to eat.
The cake I made was actually supposed to be cupcakes from the beginning. I planned on making mini muffins for the kids and I was SURE I had some mini muffin forms at home, but of course I didn't and of course I only noticed that the morning of the birthday...stupid pregnant brain! I had made the muffin batter and started fo fill out the forms and they only filled out 9 muffin forms.....I had no time or energy to make another batched so I just scraped everything into the bowl again and poured it into a cake form instead and had it longer in the oven. It worked fine! The frosting on the cake was to die for! Oh my god it was so delicious!!! I made a fresh strawberry cake with fresh strawberry frosting, and yes, it was as wonderfully delicious as it sounds! I have some leftover frosting in the fridge which I'm about to put in the freezer (yes, you can freeze frosting!) because it's just too damn good to throw away. It's taking alot of strenght for my part not to go into the fridge and just start pouring that frosting into my mouth....I'm drooling right now..
I found the recipe on pinterest. Don't know where I would be withouth that site! I always go there to look for inspiration when I can't find any from my cookbooks. Here is the link to the fresh strawberry muffins, trust me, make them! You won't be sorry. If you want more than about 9 muffins double the recipe. Enjoy!
Strawberry Cupcakes
This picture is from the linked site Life, Love and Sugar, if you click on the picture you go straight to the recipe.

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